Thursday, May 28, 2015

Home Tweet Home


I've been trying hard to post every week, but this ultra busy month of May has just gotten away from me!  We are coming up on a big day at Pink Ink Stamps.  June 1st is our 2nd anniversary!  To celebrate the occasion I decided to revisit and recolor the very first stamp I ever drew for the line, no. 2203 "Birdhouse Trio".  The phrase that accompanies this stamp is "Home Tweet Home" and coloring this stamp made me think of the little haven I call home. 

After several years of an "empty nest", our son has returned home to live with us while he works to repay his student loans (and us), prepares to apply for a doctorate program and gains some relevant teaching experience.  Now these are all laudable goals, but oh boy! how his presence has changed our calm, structured and settled-in little world. 

TWO packages of bacon to fry and gallons of orange juice to buy.  No leftovers to count on (unless I mark them with a Post-It note) and now there's beer in the fridge door!  The dishwasher runs every day and the piles of laundry have increased dramatically.  You get the idea.  There are up sides too - first of all, I've missed the fellow - his intelligence and wit.  I like hearing the faint background music of his singing and guitar.  His dad now has someone to cheer on our San Francisco bay area sports teams with (Go Giants and Warriors!).  I've discovered my son actually likes to grocery shop and is a very good prep cook.  He is also quieter and more respectful of us than in years past and he has even planted a little garden in the back yard.

So, with these two Bird House Trio cards I say, "Welcome to Pink Ink's 3rd year and welcome to my Home Tweet Home"!

Note:  The bright Bird House version has been embellished by "doodling" on it with a Pilot G Tec C-4 roller point pen (my fav!).  The soft version has been drawn on with a stylus to create an embossed "woodgrain" texture.

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