Thursday, June 11, 2015

Scraps & Snippets

Part of what makes Pink Ink Stamps special are the hand made sample cards that we send out with our orders.  They help show customers how to use the stamps and that in turn helps sell the stamps.  It also gives Pink Ink a nice presence in the store and helps us to reinforce our little brand.  

All this leads me to "scraps & snippets" of paper.  Admit it...we all have them.  Me probably more than most because I have the "excuse" of running a business, but don't kid yourself, I love paper!  One of the best ways for me to use up the pieces I accumulate is by creating sample cards.  I make a lot, so I try to keep the formats simple and to emphasize the stamped images, since that is what I'm selling.  It makes sense, and it also makes a great looking card!

Here are some of the basic formats I use with repeated success. They also just happen to be terrific ways to use up smaller, odd ball sized paper strips...the "scraps and snippets". 

This is an example of a recent card batch ~ "Graceful Orchids" no. 2212, Prisma colored, then coordinated with lime green and hot pink papers.  

I pick the papers up in the lovely stores around the country that I teach in.  I get my pretty base color cards along with those teensy ginghams from Memory Box (a shout out to Dave Brethauer...a really nice guy).  So, this is what happens when a hobby becomes a business...the fun just never stops! 

P.S. Don't even get me started on ribbon!

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