Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Flower Girl

I was getting ready to schedule this week's post and looked at the proposed date.  Tomorrow is 3/13/15, which would have been my mother's 90th birthday.  In honor of that, I decided to create a special post dedicated to my mom, Lois Johnson.
Pink Ink has a lot of flower stamps ~ all kinds, in every sort of container.  I love flowers, I enjoy drawing them and they are popular.  I think they are nature's "jewelry", and the verse, "Solomon in all his glory, was not arrayed as one of these" rings very true to me.  I grew up with a mom who appreciated beauty and tried to create it in many different ways.  In her day, I'd have described her as a "jack of all trades", though now you might say she had a wide skill set, especially regarding anything crafty.
Mom was a florist among other things.  She learned the floral trade in one of her many (wildly varied) jobs as a young woman and she was very good at it.  Later in life she had a retail flower and gift shop called The Flower Girl.  Her arrangements, while somewhat traditional, had a great color sense, were well balanced and skillfully made.  She could whip up boutonnieres, wedding circlets and wrist corsages with the best of them.  She dreaded the early morning treks to the San Francisco Flower Market and she was a billing softie, but among the flowers she was in her element!  Even I got recruited for the occasional wedding (and still know how to wire wrap a mean carnation).  Together we created all the flowers for my own wedding...the manucurist that day was appalled that my fingernails were full of eucalyptus pitch!

So here is a sneak peek of a brand new floral stamp called "Summer Planter".  It will be out in April, ready for coloring as your heart desires.  Happy birthday Mom, love you.

Summer Planter was colored with Prisma color premier pencils nos. 908 dark green, 911 Olive Green, 913 Spring Green, 926 Carmine Red, 931 Dark Purple, 939 Peach, 994 Process Red, 1004 Yellow Chartreuse, 1014 Deco Pink, 1018 Pink Rose, 1021 Jade Green, 1031 Henna, 1051 Warm Grey 20%, 1063 Cool Grey 50%, 1089 Pale Sage and 1096 Kelly Green.  Whew!

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  1. What a gorgeous image and sweet card! Can't wait to see the new images! I loved reading such a nice post about your Mom :)