Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Stamps and Old Friends

About every three months I design a batch of new stamps.  "NEW" is the lifeblood of the business, but there are some of Karen Lockhart's older stamps that continue to sell (and sell and sell)!  No. 4003, Tissue Box is always near the top of our sales list.  I thought about designing a new one...but why?  It's pretty darned perfect as it is.  I did however, get a request to design a new robe stamp, and I thought that made sense.  I'd always felt the earlier robe was too small and the request was for a stamp big enough to be "paper pieced", and so along came the "Fuzzy Bathrobe"!

An aspect of the business that I find fun, is matching up these new stamps with older "friends"...verses that already exist and that some of you may already have.  Here are two verses that fit perfectly with the new Fuzzy Bathrobe get well stamp ~

4101 Fuzzy Bathrobe, 3109 Bunny Slippers, 10035 Ickie Sickie & 10031 Get Comfy

Another brand new design is "Seed Packets" and while I love the new verse that I designed to go with it: "Scatter Joy, Gather Love", I found two older verses (and an itty bitty stamp!) that are also great matches ~ "weed...water...wait" & "Fresh from the Garden".  (Plus, those itty bitty plant stakes that make such a cute coordinating decoration)!

2254  Seed Packets and 10130  Scatter Joy
2254 Seed Packets, 10053 Weed...Water...Wait & 10013  Fresh from the Garden
The last example is our new "Doodle Butterfly" stamp, inspired by my Flora Bella coloring book art.  I didn't plan a verse for this stamp because "" already seemed so perfect.  I also thought that "enjoy the simple things" was a good fit and "Have a beautiful day" works well too.  (I also considered "caught a bug"...but nooooo, I don't think so).  
2256 Doodle Butterfly, 10058 Flitter..Flutter..Fly & 10109 Have a Beautiful Day

So, as you enjoy the thrill of inking up a brand new stamp, don't forget about those old friends.  You may find that they were just what you were looking for. 


  1. I love the seed pockets, y favorite this time around!

  2. Thanks Gretchen, they are a favorite theme of mine too! I will also be featuring them on the cover of my second coloring book, Belle Jardin, due out next fall.