Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back In The Game


I've been designing stamps for Pink Ink for over two years now and loving the freedom of coming up with my own images, being able to respond to customer suggestions and learning to plan releases that are cute, coordinated and sale-able. But I recently discovered that I've been missing a little of the "thrill" of cross merchandising that I experienced in the licensing world.  That is, where a good idea "takes off" to jump from one category into another.  I've been feeling this again lately, as my newly hatched coloring book, Flora Bella, has crossed into the world of Pink Ink Stamps.  Here are two brand new card samples that I've created using stamp images that came from the pages of Flora Bella, ~ No. 2258 Earth Laughed and No. 7102 Curlicue Heart.

These are the two page spreads from the coloring book that inspired the stamps ~

You can see how the book is fertile ground for stamp ideas!  Even more fun, is this brand new stamp image, Seed Packets, that I plan to put in to Flora Bella's sequel (not yet titled) which will be all about lovely gardens and the joy of gardening. I'm jazzed!

But back to the thrill of creating new products...exciting news came yesterday as the book publisher, Sellers Publishing, has decided to expand the Flora Bella illustrations into two coloring calendars, one for the wall, and another in a large "desk blotter" style! 

 And so, the Pink Ink Empire grows, and I feel happy and honored to be creating new products that can bring hours of fun and relaxation to my friends and fans. 
Now, I just have to think up that catchy new title. 

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