Thursday, April 9, 2015



I should have kept it, but when we did a major move I sold a few "antiquey" things on Ebay, the old Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker (aka a "greenie") being one of them.  My generous father gave it to me and now he's gone, so I'm feeling sentimental.  Those greenies had a wonderfully sleek style and then there was that lovely old shade of kitchen green - but we didn't use it much, so on the block it went.  This Pink Ink rubber stamp (no. 2247) pays tribute to that appliance, which, unlike the toil behind an iron or a wringer washing machine, was only used to make milk shakes, something delicious and fun.  

My dad loved ice cream in all its forms.  Eskimo Pies were a big hit, cones from Baskin Robbins, but especially homemade ice cream, churned in our backyard.  My mom objected to the ring the seeping salt water left on the lawn, so it was moved to churn away on our little concrete patio.  His favorites were peach and strawberry...not really being a chocolate kinda guy.  We're talking fresh peaches just off the trees, easy to find because I grew up in an abundant agricultural valley in Northern California.  One time our uncle promised to come and make ice cream at a family gathering and he opted for should have seen the look of disappointment on my dad's face! (Hmm, I tend to agree).

Dad was an athletic fellow and enjoyed his ice cream after a couple of hard sweaty sets on the local tennis courts and a dip in the pool.  It was heaven and he reveled in it - savoring each sweet, butter cream, peachy bite.  So as I use this stamp, I think of him in his tennis togs, on a summer's day, chugging a shake - one happy guy. 

"Sweet Memories" (no. 10125) is a wonderful accompanying stamp.  Got a great recipe for a smoothie?  Use the stamp on a hand written recipe card to share with friends.  The Greenie was colored with Prismacolors:  #1089 Pale Sage & #1070 30% French Grey as a base layer, #920 Lt. Green, #910 True Green, #1052 30% Warm Grey, #1074 French Grey 70%, an accent of #949 Metallic Silver and #935 Black (feet).

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  1. I surely remember this milkshake maker! Seeing your card brought back fond memories of my childhood. And what a great background paper to use for this card. It actually looks like a wallpaper from back in the day!