Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beaglie Weeglies


If you know Pink Ink Stamps, you know I like drawing vintage furniture - mostly chairs...we have lots!  For a new stamp, I was enchanted with the idea of an old timey porch glider, the kind that folks used to sit on during the long summer evenings, sipping iced tea or lemonade, watching the world go by.  They have become collectible (hasn't everything?) and gliders in pristine condition, with the lovely pierced backs go for Big Bucks.  So I drew my porch glider. 

Now I often show my new stamps to my friend and predecessor, Karen Lockhart.  Karen has an excellent eye for little tweaks - this needs to be bigger or smaller, this needs a fun phrase and though she liked the glider, she said "it needs something to make it tell a story - how about a cat?"  Kitties are usually a shoe-in, but I was thinking, no - there is already a "Sleepy Kitty" stamp (the ever popular no. 3084) and then it hit me.  Why not tell my own story - and that is the story of Henry and Caesar.   They are the two beagles that were a big part of our family, one after the other.  You can see in my snapshots the white faced Henry with my husband and the new puppy Caesar that came after him with my son. 

My dog breed nickname was "beaglie weeglie" and ours were much, much loved.  If you're a beagle person, you know why - they are such sweet, comical, merry souls.  So, it's a beagle that nestles on the old porch glider, my little tribute to these furry members of our family.  (By the way, I drew in the little biscuits, because I'm sure both of them are dreaming of them somewhere over the rainbow bridge). 

Prismacolored with no. 924 Crimson Red, no. 914 Cream, no. 904 Lt. Blue, no. 901 Indigo Blue, no. 943 Burnt Ochre, no. 935 Black.  Also, I used a blender pencil on the red glider paint and drew the biscuits with a black Pilot G Tec C4, my very favorite for stamp doodling.  

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