Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall in Love tag with May Flaum

Fall in love tag with May Flaum

Hello and happy pumpkin season! May Flaum here to share a new project with you. It's my favorite time of year, and today I'm here to share just one idea on how to put your stamps (and card making skills) to use in another kind of way. Create a gift tag! Perfect for a gift or a neighborly offering of baked goods or just because - it's the season for giving. This project features the new Fall in Love stamp and Cinderella Pumpkin stamp as well. 
To start, I stamped the pumpkin and then "fall in love" on watercolor paper. 
Once this is stamped, go ahead and color as you please. I used Clean Color markers and a water brush to blend.
Tip: add in some red for a richer more vibrant pumpkin!
 Once dry, it is ready to go! If you want a more wild and messy look then spray with water and watch the color go! This works with most watercolor/water reactive mediums.
 From here I mounted onto contrasting papers, added some twine through a hole, and it's ready to go!
I simply adore how this turned out and I've got a fresh batch of pumpkin muffins ready to share with a neighbor - all tied up with this tag! Remember our stamping and card skills can easily be used for home decor, tags, and even scrapbooks! I hope I've inspired you to play with some fall stamps today.

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