Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pretty Petals stamp: one stamp many ways with May Flaum


It's so easy to forget: we can do things more than one way! Hello there - May Flaum here and today I'm featuring the Pink Ink stamp "Pretty Petals" - and several ideas on how to use this stamp on your projects.

#1 is the obvious: stamp it onto paper and color as seen here.

#2 is an often forgotten favorite: stamp with versamark or watermark ink on watercolor paper. Then watercolor - or in my case splash on some distress ink - and see what happens. Versamark usually ends up darkening the color(s) of watercolor but note this technique isn't super reliable and results vary depending on the paper used too. So use it as a "messy" background works best.

#3: stamp with dye ink, then coat in clear embossing powder and seal. Why do this? It seals in the color. So for example with distress ink it means that flower I stamped stays sharp no matter what else I do.

#4: Stamp with distress ink + water, mist, or otherwise some kind of "sloppy" type of image. It makes a watered out faded image and can accent projects beautifully.

Four ways on two cards - and these ideas could all work on other projects as well. Here is my video run through (it's short!) on YouTube.

The stamp I featured is "pretty petals" by Pink Ink- I just love the size and the awesome details on this stamp. I also used the do what you love stamp for my sentiment.

When it comes to stamping I love that it can be as simple as black ink on paper to layered techniques that take a lot of time - and I love that you can get countless looks from just one stamp.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick video and these card projects that I've shared with you today.

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