Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Little Factory


Every Christmas I debate with myself over making a batch of homemade cards.  I mean, with a whole stamp company at my disposal you'd think I would delight in the task, but time is precious in December, and finding the hours to make 25 + cards by hand can be difficult.  But this year in particular, it seems as if peace is a very precious thing as well and to sooth my soul I wanted to make a card to sort of "wish the world" a Merry Christmas. 

So I used Pink Ink's "Angel On High", "Peace On Earth" AND "Peace & Love" stamps to get my message across.  I knew I wanted a pretty, soft subtle card this year.  I just haven't been in the mood for boisterous Santa Clauses and sweet candy canes.  Instead I chose a palette of soft sage green with muted gold metallic accents. 

To create my "factory" I first color the images...adding a touch of gold metallic paint to the angel's dress ribbon, then I cut the images and all background papers to size.  I measured and cut 2 lengths of olive green organdy ribbon (4.5 inches each) for each card.  Next, I attached my angels to gold metallic card stock "mats" and placed four squares of foam tape on the back corners of each angel with gold backing unit (leaving paper covers on).
Angel cards all in a row, with ribbon, envelopes and adhesives...what fun!

At this point I attached the smaller green paper piece to the center of the larger one.  I then ran my tape runner around all four sides of the back of the larger piece and wrapped the ribbon pieces diagonally around each corner, pressing firmly on to the adhesive.  (You could also tape the ribbon ends down with regular scotch tape for extra security). Now the two separate pieces are assembled; sticking down the larger papers on the center of my card and attaching the matted angel to the center of the green papers.   

The last part of my little assembly line was dotting each card with 8-9 dabs of Stickles platinum glitter glue and (after dry) using a metallic gold prisma pencil (#PC950) to add "star shines" around each glitter dot.
I added glittery stars with Stickles platinum, accented with prisma pencil "shinys".
And on the inside - Pink Ink's "Peace & Love" stamp along with my own greeting

Homemade cards take time and thought, but I cherish all those on my "list" and want them to receive something pretty, made by my hands, and to wish them peace this Christmas.

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