Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome to Pink Ink Postmarks

Welcome to Pink Ink Postmarks, 
Sometimes you just need to dive into the deep end of the pool.  It's how you know you are both buoyant and capable of reaching the other end.  I'm "diving in" today by starting this blog, "Pink Ink Postmarks" for my stamp company.  I'd like to share art work that I've created using Pink Ink stamps and be able to connect with the lovely people I've been meeting as I teach pencil coloring techniques throughout the country.  I also plan to post paper and card projects by other creative souls that are inspired by Pink Ink's images.

I hope this new blog will truly convey my love of making pretty things and will inspire others to stamp, color, cut and create!  I'll try to share techniques when I can, and always offer encouragement!  I look forward to sharing stories about myself, my family and everyday life here at Pink Ink Stamp Company.  We are located in Petaluma, California - north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, surrounded by some of the prettiest scenery on the west coast.  I'm lucky to live here and to have the support at home of my husband Fred, who helps so much to "make it happen".

So, let the fun begin with my first blog photo post:  Mom's Mixer.  My mother Lois' mixer was your standard issue white and black.  From these bowls came many a lovely birthday cake and multiple batches of "room parent" cupcakes.   I had taken the liberty of coloring this image, when I found out from my friend Patsy, that her mother actually had a pink mixer just like this one!  Well, that is just too cool, because I not only really do love pink, but now know it actually exists.  So, here's to our moms, to baking things with love and to coloring the world as you envision it.


  1. So excited to see your new blog! Love the cards and then image of the mixer! My grandma had a mixer just like that. You are right many wonderful cakes and sweet goodies came from those old mixers. TFS! :)

    1. Thanks for comment "no. 1" Heidi...posting is going to be fun! Now, just to get it out into the blogosphere.

  2. Yeah! I found the blog! LOL Love the grandma had one of those, too!

  3. Great to know you have a blog now! I love the Lockhart stamps and the newer Pink Ink stamps! I made sure to get one of the ones from the first batch of pink ink stamps that came out at my local stamp store...which is unfortunately not so local anymore... Congrats on you new adventure.