Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Thing About Pink


I had the business name narrowed down to two choices, and my first choice was "India Ink Stamps".  India Ink is very old school.  I used it for years when I illustrated.  I also had a son who was studying in India, and through that connection, was becoming a bit of an "India-phile".  So there was that.  I just liked the idea it conjured up of an old fashioned glass bottle with a stopper - filled with artistic possibilities like a genie in a lamp.  My second choice was "Pink Ink Stamp Company", short, sweet, rhyming and with a mystic childhood connection to a Dr. Seuss book.  I ran both names by family and friends, and to a person, they all liked Pink Ink.  Now I may be stubborn about some things, but I could see the commercial writing on the wall, so Pink Ink it was, and is. 

My previous post was about a pink mixer and this post touches on a pink sewing machine.  (Don't worry, I'm getting the "pink thing" out of my system).  I wrote on Facebook about the sweet memories of my mom making my wedding dress on her old black Singer sewing machine.  When I went to draw artwork for a sewing machine rubber stamp, my mother's machine was etched into my brain.  Then I started a "Think Pink" Pinterest page and through that, discovered a gorgeous old pastel pink Singer that I am now in love with. 

All the pieces fell into place - mom, dress, sewing machine, stamp.  Pink is just my "happy color".  When I look in my closet, my eyes zoom to that section (yes, it's arranged by color).  When I look at my pencils, I'm drawn to the pinks and rosy reds first...aqua greens come next.  It cheers me up.  It makes me think of baby cheeks and rosebuds and the homemade strawberry ice cream my dad used to love.  So there it is.  Love me, love my pink. 


  1. Well Peggy, pink is one of my very favorite colors and I use it more in my artwork than any other color. I think Pink Ink is the perfect name and I love that it rhymes! I love that old Singer sewing machine! :)

  2. I just found your stamps and blog through Kay's posts. Lovely! And my daughter and I loved your Bitty Bear books. : ) I can't wait to see more of your products! ~ Tricia